Friday, 10 February 2017

When Holy spirit Speaks to Us

Taking a stroll down the memory lane, I can remember vividly it was on a Thursday morning preparing for school, just finished applying Adi Agbon ( Coconut oil) on my skin, I was shinning like a brand new day. Tinu(name changed), One of my three Sisters kept on screaming in the bathroom, crying on top of her voice that she doesn't want to go to school, I overheard Mum replying her "Na You Sabi, that school you must attend today, I don't know about tomorrow o". I don't know how mum  managed to drop her in school because I left home before them(we attend different schools).

Getting home in the evening, the whole house was so quiet that I could hear the wall clock ticking. The sitting room was empty, so I guessed every one would be in mum's room I went there straight ahead.
Seeing everyone in the room I greeted but their response was not encouraging even the look on mum's face made me drop my school bag without care. What's wrong ? I asked, I shouldn't have allowed her go to school today, she was passing a message to me this morning but I refused to be sensitive, Mum uttered. Immediately she said that I knew she was referring to Tinu.

 Ha, Tinu keh! where's she?, what happened to her?,where's my sister? I was screaming already before I heard a small voice coming from the bed saying " I told Mum I didn't want to go to school", my eyes drifted to the bed I saw my sister lying under the blanket with her face plastered, She had an accident in school during break, her face was swollen for weeks and mum kept on blaming herself for the whole happenings, she felt she wasn't sensitive enough.

Have you ever tried taking an action and you feel uneasy, scared or you feel excited about it, this thing we all call feelings might be the Holy spirit ministering to us on what to do and what not to do, all we need do is train ourselves to hear the Holy spirit when He Speaks and that takes sensitivity and commitment of heart to hear, to know and then do what He is asking of us.

And He said unto them, He that hath ear to hear, let him hear


  1. Hmmmm, way to go. Happy you have reconciled your pen and notepad as friends again. Listening to the Counsellor...